At Meow-Ville Cat Grooming we strive to give each pet the individual attention they need, a high-quality groom and a great stress-free overall experience. 

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At Meow-Ville we pride ourselves on the quality and compassion of our work, and we must ensure our loyal customers can book appointments within a reasonable period of time.  Potential new customers are welcome to add themselves to our waitlist for stand-by last-minute cancellations, or notification if new clients will be accepted.  New Client Opening Notification.


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FAQs for Scheduling. 

Pricing – The cost for a basic groom is based on several things; including the length of the cat’s hair, the coat condition, and any additional services you may need.  We start with a Full Groom, which includes; bath, nails, eyes, ears, bottom tidy, brush and blow-dry.  The Full Groom cost for a short-haired cat, under 12 lbs. with minimal matting, would be $80.00, $90.00 for a long haired cat. If there is matting involved, your cat weighs over 12 lbs., fecal matter needs to be removed, fleas are present, or you want a haircut, de-shedding or nail caps, etc., then the price would go up accordingly. You can review my full-service menu and pricing at Services and Pricing.

Intake Form (tell us more about your cat)   Once your appointment request has been approved you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to a New Client Intake Form.  Please make sure that this form has been completed before your appointment date.

Appointments are scheduled for 3 hours  Our grooming philosophy is based on the belief that cats need a calm environment, that the groomer’s number one priority should be to make sure that the cat is as safe and comfortable as possible, and that the cat needs a say (or meow) in how the grooming proceeds.  Therefore, we only groom cats one-at-a-time, and each appointment is scheduled for a three-hour time-slot.  Your kitty may not need that three hours every time, but it is reserved exclusively for them.

Required Vaccines – In the State of Washington, all cats are required to have a current rabies vaccine. Bring documentation from your veterinarian indicating current vaccination status and expiration date. Washington State WAC 246-100-197

Multiple Cats – If you would like to bring in two (or more) cats together, you must book two back-2-back appointments, and then you can drop-off and pick-up the cats together at the first appointment start time. Separate carriers are recommended.

Coupons – In order to redeem a coupon, you will need to bring a printed copy to your appointment. In most cases, coupons can not be used with any other discounts, and some will have specific expiration dates.

Pick-Up – Normally we expect that you drop your cat off shortly before their appointment time, and then pick them up when you are notified that the groom is completed. However, if you have to work around a specific schedule please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please note that alternate accommodations are not always possible, especially with short notice.

Have more questions?  Check out the FAQ page before scheduling.  FAQ Page.