Additional Grooming Fees

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We reserve the right to charge these additional fees when deemed necessary.

  • Failed or late canceled appointments will incur a $45 cancelation fee.
  • If the groom is stopped due to health concerns or signs of aggression, and is more than 25% completed, full charges will apply.
  • We reserve the right to charge an additional $15 handling fee for difficult cats. 
  • Services are priced based on a weight less than 12lbs. Larger cats will incur an additional handling fees. Cats 13-19 lbs. $10 additional. Cats 20 lbs. and over, $20 additional.
  • If any live fleas are is found on the cat, the cat will receive an immediate flea bath and an additional $15.00 clean-up charge will be applied.
  • Failure to pickup cat during designated pick-up time will result in a $45.00 per night boarding fee.
  • Removal of excessive fecal matter can incur a $5.00-15.00 extra charge, based on time and clean-up needed.