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Photo of Erin Foy, Owner and Groomer at Meow-Ville Cat Grooming.

Nice to meet you!

OWNER and GROOMER – Erin Foy

Yes, I am a groomer of cats. I have battle scars to prove it, and I love my job immensely!

I am a lifelong pet owner and pet lover.  Growing up, I was that neighborhood kid that always wanted to stop and pet the kitty cat. I was the one who gently put baby birds in cotton wrapped shoeboxes, and wrapped tiny splints on their broken wings…  

I always thought that I would work with animals, but I somehow found myself with a “real” job.  You know, the one with a regular paycheck and benefits?   It took the sudden loss of a good friend to wake me up, turn me around and send me back to work I truly love. 

I started to think about cats and realized that the Seattle area needed more people willing to provide cat grooming services in a calm dog-free environment. I ended up attending the prestigious National Cat Grooming Institute of America and received my Certified Feline Master Groomer certification in April 2013.  Meow-Ville was born.

Red and white longhaired Exotic Persian cat

I am the queen of Meow-Ville.


C.E.O and CONCIERGE – SugarBelle McKitten Cat

Don’t let my good looks and laid back personality fool you, I am no sit-around-eat-gourmet-cat-food-pillow-lounger.  While I do those things (especially the pillow lounging), I also lead the Meow-Ville team with a velvet paw. I will usually be the first to greet you at the counter, but my real role is to be the center of the Meow-Ville universe.  I might not stick around for the whole grooming session, but nothing goes on at Meow-Ville without my knowledge.







  • Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG)
  • Member – National Cat Groomer Institute of America (NCGIA)
  • Member – International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG)
  • Member – The International Cat Association (TICA)
  • Small Animal Massage Certification – Northwest School of Animal Massage
  • Feline and Canine First Aid Certification – American Red Cross
  • Licensed and Insured


  • Seattle Animal Shelter – 9 Lives Volunteer
  • FareStart Volunteer
  • Friend to Friend America Volunteer